Our mission is to support the medical community to manage the radiation exposure, thus the dose, of its staff to acceptable limits (ALARA principle). To this end we constantly develop new dosimetry products, often in collaboration with leading European universities.


Our passive dosimetry service centers on following key values:

  • Precise and reliable dose assessment with dosimeters having an IEC/EN 62386 homologated technology
  • high quality service with ISO/IEC17025 certified processes
  • customer-oriented service organization
  • a dependable, timely service
  • dosimeter badges with an innovative and pleasant design
  • competitive & cost effective monitoring solutions
  • web platform to easily manage all your dosimeter needs with access to dose reports and statistics in order to assess overall exposures at your site
  • more than 50 years’ experience in dosimetry service


Our APD-based active dosimetry system is designed to meet the specific needs of the medical community

  • simple to use APD (Active personal Dosimeter)
  • precise dose measurement of radiation energies typically found in medical environments
  • IT-platform designed to fulfill the needs of radioprotection professionals.


State of the art medical centers have chosen Dosilab for the quality and responsiveness in our monitoring service complemented by our unique capability to provide a complete environment of passive monitoring based on the TLD-Technology and APD electronic dosimetry system.


Dosilab was founded in 2006 as a management buy-out from Comet, a Swiss technology company in the X-Ray sector. All Comet’s dosimetry division personnel joined Dosilab and thus all know-how was preserved. Therefore we can look back on over 40 years of dosimetry experience and continuous innovation:

  • 1964 Started exposure monitoring with Film for in-house use
  • 1981 Switched to TLD technology
  • 1985 Expanded external service in Switzerland since Swiss Government monitoring activity were stopped
  • 1995 Automated TLD Processing and Record Keeping  
  • 2003 Introduced APD and started TLD service in France
  • 2004 IEC 1725 Accreditation by SAS (Swiss Federal Accreditation Service) for measurement and calibration of TLD dosimeters
  • 2006 MBO: activities transferred from Comet to Dosilab on 1.1.2006
  • 2007 APD certification according to IEC 61526 Radiation protection instrumentation - Measurement of personal dose equivalents Hp(10) and Hp(0,07) for X, gamma, neutron and beta radiations - Direct reading personal dose equivalent meters
  • 2008 Fully automated dosimeter packing and unpacking line
  • 2009 Introduced the first fully sealed dosimeter ring  (enabling sterilization)
  • 2012 Homologation of the laboratory equipment according to IEC/EN 62387-1(2012): Radiation protection instrumentation - Passive integrating dosimetry systems for environmental and personal monitoring
  • 2014 Introduction of an eye-lens dosimeter. Easy to fix on medical/surgical caps
  • 2015 New generation of electronic dosimeters, compatible with existing active dosimetry IT platform.

Accreditation and homologation

Dose assessment with a high level of confidence as to precision and reproducibility requires not only high quality dosimeters and reading equipment but also a well-trained and motivated staff operating according to well established procedures and methods. Our equipment and procedures successfully underwent following accreditation procedures and homologation tests:

  • ISO/IEC-17025: Accreditation of our dose assessment program and dosimeter calibration/recalibration procedures.
  • IEC/EN-62387:2012: Homologation of our passive dosimetry platform according to the newest international and European standard for passive dosimetry systems.

Most European countries require a national certification/operating license  to provide a dosimetry service. We are currently licensed to provide personal monitoring services in:

  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Ireland
  • Belgium, with our partner UCL / Dosi-Tech.

Furthermore we offer dosimetry services in countries without a local certification program or to those accepting the certification we have in other countries. 

Our APD system has been tested by an independent laboratory according to EN/IEC 61526: "Radiation protection instrumentation - Measurement of personal dose equivalents Hp(10) and Hp(0,07) for X, gamma, neutron and beta radiations - Direct reading personal dose equivalent meters".


Interesting radioprotection information can be found on the web sites of international radioprotection organizations:


ICRP (International Commission on Radiological Protection) : Provides recommendations and guidance on all aspects of protection against ionising radiation.



ICRU (International Commission on Radiation Units & Measurements) : For more than 80 years, ICRU has established international standards for radiation units & measurement.



EURADOS : European Radiation Dosimetry Network, a non-profit association for promoting research and development and European cooperation in the field of the dosimetry of ionizing radiation



Oramed (Optimisation of Radiation Protection for Medical Staff) :Research collaboration among 10 European institutes in the field of dosimetry for extremities and eye lens, supported by the research frame program EURATOM FP7.





Dosilab has offices in Switzerland and France:


Dosilab Ltd
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CH-3098 Koeniz
Tel +41 (0)31 744 92 00

Dosilab SARL
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Tel +33 (0)4 788 973 60


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