Patient dosimetry

Monitoring the patient exposure to ionising radiation in real time during diagnostic or therapeutic medical procedures is an essential precaution especially when high dose or high dose rates are involved.

To answer this need, we currently develop a new generation of patient dosimetry solutions based on the patented technology developed at INL, the institute of nanotechnologies at the University Claude Bernard in Lyon, France. The core of this technology is the miniaturised sensor (<0.1mm3) based on Gallium Nitrate, which shows a strong radio luminescence when exposed to ionizing radiation.


Securidose – preliminary information
A product family is currently under development to enable an independent real-time monitoring of patient exposure. Target applications are those where the extremely small sensor enables a monitoring precluded with current solutions:

  • Brachytherapy: real-time monitoring at target irradiation points and/ organ at risks accessed via natural cavities. The same solution is used for the daily and periodic QA procedures.
  • Small fields/ Stereotaxy / ORL applications: real time monitoring of small fields.


The development phase of the Brachytherapy solution is well advanced and currently clinical trials are under way.